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(Updated 9/30/2018)
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President's Awards

The success of the American Cribbage Congress relies on the unselfish dedication and efforts of its members to improve the Congress. The annual PRESIDENT'S AWARD was created to recognize someone's many years of service to the Congress. Although many members are deserving of this honor, it is the privilege of the President, and the President alone, to make the decision as to who should receive this honor for MERITORIOUS SERVICE. It is an honor to be cherished because it is given only to the most deserving.

2018 Recipient: David Aiken (Ada, MI)
2017 Recipient: Valerie Sumner (Sparks, NV)

2018 President's Award

David Aiken (Ada, MI)

The President's Award recipient for 2018 is David Aiken (Ada, MI).

It is with great honor that I am able to award David Aiken as my first recipient of this special award. David's involvement with the ACC started in 1998. He was elected to the Board of Directors in 2007 and has served for more than ten years, helping in any way asked of him by the Board of Directors. He has assisted in nearly every tournament he has attended as a member of the ACC. He is also a senior judge and serves in that capacity throughout the country.

In January 2007 he started as the newest Cribbage World editor. Eleven plus years later we now can read Cribbage World online and in full color. The transformation of our monthly magazine over the last eleven years has been wonderful to witness. During this period, he has also been responsible for editing nearly every document the ACC uses, such as the ACC Rulebook and the Tournament Directors Manual.

He has directed and co-directed more than sixty tournaments in eight states across the country, including Grand National XXVIII in Grand Rapids, MI. I have had the pleasure of watching David's care for our wonderful organization grow throughout our many years of friendship, and I am proud to honor him with this award and call him my friend.

Please take the time throughout this weekend to also thank him for all he has done for our organization.

2017 President's Award

Valerie Sumner (Sparks, NV)

This year, I have the distinct pleasure of announcing the 2017 President's Award is being presented to Valerie Sumner.

Valerie joined the ACC in 1993, which she saw as a great opportunity to spend more fun time with her Dad, Les Sumner. Les was already a dedicated ACC member. Both of them had been taught cribbage by Valerie's maternal grandmother, whom Val recognized as "the smartest women she ever knew". Valerie was appointed to the ACC Board of Directors in January 2006 due to a vacancy, and has been successfully re-elected to the BOD in every election since. She has served as Director of the Reno Grass Roots Club for many years, and now also serves as National Grass Roots Secretary. She has directed or co-directed both the Veteran's Day and the Independence Day tournaments in Remo, and the Topaz tournaments for several years. She was a director of Grand National 33 in Phoenix, Arizona, and has directed cruise tournaments with her dad and her brother, Gary. She serves on the ACC's Ethics Committee and is currently the Chairperson. She also serves on the Executive Committee aa Vice-President of Policy, and is currently updating the ACC Policy & Procedures Manual. Valerie s a Senior Judge and has served as the BOD Recording Secretary, and on the Rules Committee. She worked with Dan Zeisler and Don Howard to bring the proposal for the Youth Master Point program to the Board, where it was successfully enacted. It has been my experience with her that she is willing to take on any task and will strive to do her very best at the job. She work very hard to make sure the membership is treated respectfully and fairly.