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(Updated 2/18/2022)
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President's Awards

The success of the American Cribbage Congress relies on the unselfish dedication and efforts of its members to improve the Congress. The annual PRESIDENT'S AWARD was created to recognize someone's many years of service to the Congress. Although many members are deserving of this honor, it is the privilege of the President, and the President alone, to make the decision as to who should receive this honor for MERITORIOUS SERVICE. It is an honor to be cherished because it is given only to the most deserving.

2023 Recipient: Sandy Sands (Helena, MT)
2022 Recipient: Peggy Shea (Eureka, CA)
2021 Recipient: Cheryl Mussell and Kathy Williams
2020 Recipient: Linda Barrett (WI)
2019 Recipient: Catherine Perkins (Bear Creek, NC)
2018 Recipient: David Aiken (Ada, MI)
2017 Recipient: Valerie Sumner (Sparks, NV)
2016 Recipient: David Campbell (Parsonsfield ME)
2015 Recipients: Todd Schaefer and Diane Waite (Oakdale, MN)
2014 Recipient: Ron Logan (Meridian, ID)
2013 Recipient: Charlie Finley (Enfield, CT)
2012 Recipient: Scott Kooistra (Yankton, SD)
2011 Recipient: Barbara Woodward
2010 Recipient: Albert N. Miller (Nashua NH)
2009 Recipients: Elda Madsen (Chicago, IL) and Marlene Lazachek (Franklin, WI)
2008 Recipient: Elmer "Ras" Rasmussen (Napavine, WA)
2007 Recipient: DeLynn Colvert (Missoula MT)
2006 Recipient: Tom Lewis (Albuquerque, NM)
2005 Recipient: Diane Waite (St. Paul, MN)
2004 Recipient: Bob McCabe (Milwaukee, WI)
2003 Recipient: Syl Lulinski (La Grange Park, IL)
2002 Recipient: Larry Hassett (Roseburg, OR)
2001 Recipient: Al Lindner (Greenwood, WI)
2000 Recipient: Roger Wilson (Denver, CO)
1999 Recipient: Fred McGibney (South Burlington, VT) and Roy and Jeanne Hofbauer (Washougal, WA)
1998 Recipient: Steve Sattler (Havre De Grace, MD)
1997 Recipient: Ron Hamilton (Topeka, KS)
1996 Recipient: Ed Horigan (Virginia Beach, VA)
1994 Recipient: Fred McGibney (South Burlington VT)

2022 President's Award

Peggy Shea (Eureka, CA)

The President's award recognizes the volunteerism, dedication, and love of the American Cribbage Congress members.

Peggy has directed or co-directed tournaments for many years, along with her husband Rick, they have Directors of the JPW -ACC Open in Reno NV since 2012.

Peggy Co- Directed the 2017 Grand National XXXVI held in Lincoln City OR.

She is Grass Roots director of Club 194 and has been Club Champion Several times as well as 2015 Div. 1 National Champion with 351 GRP.

She balances a full-time job and family including four Children, four Grand Children and two Great Grandchildren. She enjoys traveling, crabbing, baseball- The Giants seem to be her team- and spending countless hours with her sisters.

Peggy is always willing to help at any tournament - Cross checking - problem solving - or just making other people's jobs easier any way she can.

For your all you contribute to the ACC, your many hours of volunteering have not gone unnoticed.

We could use more Peggy Shea's in the AC - if only she had some sisters who would volunteer, maybe not they would just be laughing not working.

2020 President's Award

Linda Barrett (WI)

Not all cribbage volunteers are avid Cribbage players, some become a part of the American Cribbage Congress through their spouses or family. They may enjoy cribbage, but they didn't have any idea that the ACC would consume so much of their time becoming such a big part of their lives. When we see these people donating their time and efforts to better the game, we all love, everyone should take note. Such unselfish volunteerism is what makes the ACC such a great organization.

Linda Barrett an ACC member since 1985, WI1527,played her first and only cribbage tournament in 1991, she decided she was better at running tournaments then playing in them and has been involved with tournament directing every since, along with her husband Patrick, The Central Region and SR. Commissioner, have been directors of Grand National XVI Wisconsin Dells 1997 Grand National XXV in Wisconsin Rapids 2006 and Co Directors of Grand National XXXVII in Milwaukee WI 2019.

They have directed many tournaments over the years in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin Rapids and Waupaca, along with the North Star Casino tournament in 2019. They co-directed the 2020 Dead Wood Triple Header and currently direct the Lac du Flambeau tournament in Wisconsin. If that isn't enough, they Co direct the Tournament of Champions in Reno Nevada.

Linda goes the extra mile with small things like sending pictures to players who have won her tournaments, always having a smile and even though she is busy makes time to say hello and welcomes all players to the event that is happening.

She has been married to Patrick for 36 years, the same amount of time she has been an ACC member. Family is very important part of her life, she has two sisters a brother many neices and nephews, with two children, five grandchildren and one great grandson. The ACC is lucky to have them donate so much time and effort to the organization.

The Barrett's love to travel, going on cruises or visiting casinos when they aren't working side by side in their auction business, hey have been to almost every Grand Nation since 1993.

Linda also collects cranberry glass and jewelry..the real stuff

She also enjoys a Miller Lite now and then.

Thank you for all you have done for the American Cribbage Congress.

I am thrilled and it is my honor to present Linda Barrett with the 2020 President's Award.

2019 President's Award

Catherine Perkins (Bear Creek, NC)

Catherine Perkins (Bear Creek, NC) is the recipient of the President's Award for 2019.

It is with great honor that I name Cathy as this year's recipient of this special award. Cathy's involvement with the ACC started in the 1980s. She was elected to the Board of Directors in 1989, and for over 30 years she has helped in any way asked of her by the Board. She has assisted in some form at nearly every tournament she has attended as a member of the ACC. She is also a senior judge and serves in that capacity throughout the country.

Cathy directed her Grass Roots club for over 20 years and has served as the regional statistician since 1993. Cathy entered the ACC Hall of Fame in 20019, at GN 28 in Grand Rapids MI. Her knowledge of ACC history is unmatched by anyone, and she continues to help with answers about our history whenever asked.

She directed the National Open for over 20 years and co-directed many tournaments throughout the southeast. I have personally witnessed Cathy's generosity and caring for our wonderful organization throughout the many years I have had the pleasure of knowing her, and I am proud to honor her with this long-overdue award.

Please take the time throughout this weekend to also thank her for all she has done for this great organization.

David Campbell, 2019

2018 President's Award

David Aiken (Ada, MI)

The President's Award recipient for 2018 is David Aiken (Ada, MI).

It is with great honor that I am able to award David Aiken as my first recipient of this special award. David's involvement with the ACC started in 1998. He was elected to the Board of Directors in 2007 and has served for more than ten years, helping in any way asked of him by the Board of Directors. He has assisted in nearly every tournament he has attended as a member of the ACC. He is also a senior judge and serves in that capacity throughout the country.

In January 2007 he started as the newest Cribbage World editor. Eleven plus years later we now can read Cribbage World online and in full color. The transformation of our monthly magazine over the last eleven years has been wonderful to witness. During this period, he has also been responsible for editing nearly every document the ACC uses, such as the ACC Rulebook and the Tournament Directors Manual.

He has directed and co-directed more than sixty tournaments in eight states across the country, including Grand National XXVIII in Grand Rapids, MI. I have had the pleasure of watching David's care for our wonderful organization grow throughout our many years of friendship, and I am proud to honor him with this award and call him my friend.

Please take the time throughout this weekend to also thank him for all he has done for our organization.

David Campbell, 2018

2017 President's Award

Valerie Sumner (Sparks, NV)

This year, I have the distinct pleasure of announcing the 2017 President's Award is being presented to Valerie Sumner.

Valerie joined the ACC in 1993, which she saw as a great opportunity to spend more fun time with her Dad, Les Sumner. Les was already a dedicated ACC member. Both of them had been taught cribbage by Valerie's maternal grandmother, whom Val recognized as "the smartest women she ever knew". Valerie was appointed to the ACC Board of Directors in January 2006 due to a vacancy, and has been successfully re-elected to the BOD in every election since. She has served as Director of the Reno Grass Roots Club for many years, and now also serves as National Grass Roots Secretary. She has directed or co-directed both the Veteran's Day and the Independence Day tournaments in Remo, and the Topaz tournaments for several years. She was a director of Grand National 33 in Phoenix, Arizona, and has directed cruise tournaments with her dad and her brother, Gary. She serves on the ACC's Ethics Committee and is currently the Chairperson. She also serves on the Executive Committee aa Vice-President of Policy, and is currently updating the ACC Policy & Procedures Manual. Valerie s a Senior Judge and has served as the BOD Recording Secretary, and on the Rules Committee. She worked with Dan Zeisler and Don Howard to bring the proposal for the Youth Master Point program to the Board, where it was successfully enacted. It has been my experience with her that she is willing to take on any task and will strive to do her very best at the job. She works very hard to make sure the membership is treated respectfully and fairly.

Jeanne Hofbauer, 2017

2015 President's Award

Todd Schaefer and Diane Waite (Oakdale, MN)

I am proud to announce the recipients of the President's Award recipients for 2015: Todd Schaefer and Diane Waite.

Todd has served on the ACC Board of Director's since 1999. He currently holds the Executive VP position and is a long time member of the Ethics Committee. He has served as a Grass Roots club director for 13 years. He is a Senior Judge and serves as the Head Judge for several tournaments.

Diane has served as the Web Master of the ACC's website for over 10 years. They have directed the Capital City Cribbage Tournament for 18 years. They served as the GR award processors for many years. They tabulate at several tournaments, including the ACC/JPW Tournament in Reno. They direct the huge Cribbage Bowl tournament held after the TOC in Reno.

They demonstrate fair and ethical play and are enjoyable competitors. They exemplify all that extraordinary volunteers can be. We are fortunate to have them in our organization.

Thanks to the ACC President Jeanne Hofbauer for everything she does for cribbage, and congratulations to the Minnesota duo of Todd and Diane for being very deserving recipients of the President's Award in 2015.

Jeanne Hofbauer, 2015

2014 President's Award

Ron Logan (Meridian, ID)

It is with great pleasure that I announce the 2013/2014 President's Award recipient, Ron Logan.

Ron joined the ACC in 1981 when he lived in Quincy, California. While living there, he assisted with the World Championship tournament for 25 years, and helped form the local Grass Roots Club. Along with wife Laurie, he directed the Roadrunner Classic tournament in Arizona for 15 years and has directed the Gem State Challenge in Boise for 3 years. And they were head Paymasters in Reno for the TOC and JPW/ACC Open for over 15 years. Ron has been a certified judge for 10 years and a senior judge for 4 years, and will serve as Head Judge for the Grand National here in Phoenix. He was elected to the ACC Board of Directors in 2009 and has ably served as a member of the Ethics Committee, becoming its Chairman in February 2012. He conceived and currently authors the Didja Know? column in Cribbage World. He has achieved both the Bronze and Grand Master awards. He was the Grand National Champion in Richmond, Virginia in 2001. I have worked with Ron for many years at many tournaments, and have always found him to be a person who thinks of others. He is a gentleman and is always willing to help tournament directors with any task, especially announcements. He has even been known to break into song with his mellow voice, when properly induced. He is a great asset to the ACC, and I am proud to call him my friend.

Jeanne Hofbauer, 2014

2013 President's Award

Charlie Finley (Enfield, CT)

Charlie Finley has been chosen for the 2013 President's Award. Charlie has been a member of the American Cribbage Congress since 1983. He has directed tournaments for many years, and most notably undertook directorship of the Dante Club tournament when his good friend and mentor, George Bickford, passed away. Being held for over 30 years now, it is one of the oldest ACC sanctioned tournaments. Charlie renamed the tournament to honor his friend and it is now called the George Bickford Memorial.

Charlie has been a member of the Board of Directors since 2009. He is always willing to help other directors at tournaments by signing up, judging, or any other tasks needed. But by far, Charlie's strongest suit in the ACC is membership building. I have seen him in action promoting our organization, and even saw him sign up and pay for the membership of a new player. He has provided business cards, brochures, and other forms for promotional usage for the ACC, and always at his own cost.

Charlie is known as a gentleman on and off the cribbage boards. Win or lose, he makes the playing experience fun. He is very considerate, and always greets and helps new players when they arrive at a tournament.

The ACC is lucky to have a man like Charlie as a member and volunteer. He truly deserves this honor. We thank his wife Judy, his children and grandchildren for sharing him with us.

Jeanne Hofbauer, 2013

2012 President's Award

Scott Kooistra (Yankton, SD)

Scott's involvement with the ACC started when he was young; in fact he is the youngest person ever to have been inducted into the ACC's Hall of Fame (in 1990). He was elected to the Board of Directors in 1981 and served for over twenty years in positions as Executive Vice-President, Vice-President of Operations, several committee chairmanships, and even an interim term as President. He has presided over Board meetings, judged at numerous tournaments (often serving as Head Judge) including the National Open, the JPW/ACC Open and TOC and the Grand National tournaments, and he has served as Master of Ceremonies for many, many of the Grand National Banquets.

He has directed the JPW/ACC Open in Reno for over twenty years, Grand National XXII in Sioux Falls, SD, Grand National XIII in St. Paul, MN, Grand National V in Minneapolis and several tournaments in Yankton, SD. He is also bidding on hosting GN XXIV in 2015 in Yankton. He has attended all thirty of the ACC's Grand National Tournaments and Award Banquets. He says his goal is to attend fifty of them, and I'll bet he will do it!

I have worked side by side with Scotty for twenty years directing the JPW/ACC Open and we have always had a wonderful relationship. I can truly say that he is a dear friend, as well as being a great asset to the American Cribbage Congress.

Jeanne Hofbauer, 2012

2011 President's Award

Barbara Woodward

This year's President's award goes to Barbara Woodward. Barbara has been a pivotal person in the development of ACC tournaments held in Reno. In her position of marketing for the Sands Regency, she has been able to work for the mutual benefit of both organizations. Barbara has always felt a special bond with cribbage, as she and her father loved to play the game together.

Barbara started working with Bill and Dorthalee Irons in 1986 to start up tournaments that would help American Veterans, and these two yearly tournaments still provide substantial donations to vets. In 1987 she worked with Syl Lulinski to provide the ACC with a venue for the JPW/ACC Open and Tournament of Champions. These two tournaments have grown and prospered with her help and guidance. This year she is working to give the ACC a memorable experience with Grand National XXX.

Barbara has become quite close with many of the people she has worked with in running these ACC tournaments. I can personally attest that working with Barbara over the years has been a distinct pleasure.

Jeanne Hofbauer, 2011

2009 President's Award

Elda Madsen

Not all volunteers who unselfishly dedicate their time to the ACC are avid tournament players. Such is the case with Elda Madsen (Chicago, IL). Over the years she has worked by the side of her husband, Bob, helping him in his various duties as ACC secretary/treasurer/CW editor and tournament director. As an added note, this was done in the pre-computer days, which translates to many, many hours of manual labor! She has helped other tournament directors as well, and for the last 25 years she has been in charge of the Clerical Committee at the TOC and JPW/ACC Open in Reno. This is a huge job, involving overseeing and scheduling the volunteers doing sign-ups, payouts, etc. for the various events. But of course, Elda is not one to just oversee; she is always right there, immersed in the work. She has a demeanor of calmness about her that puts everyone at ease, and a kind smile which she readily shares. We can never have enough people like Elda, and we thank her for her service to the ACC.

Jeanne Hofbauer, 2009

Marlene Lazachek

Marlene Lazachek (Franklin, WI) embodies the spirit of ACC volunteerism. She has run a sanctioned tournament for many years and directs a Grass Roots club that plays year round. She is a judge and can be counted on to run side pools for several events at many tournaments. She holds the very necessary position of backup to both the ACC statistician and treasurer. Marlene is always willing to do any task when asked, no matter how trivial or how large. She is a great help at the JPW/ACC Open and TOC in Reno, serving on several committees and stepping in to help wherever she is needed, pulling such diverse duties as over seeing a playing room, helping input data into a computer, and of course having her job in the tabulating room. Marlene also finds time to bake her famous cookies for he many cribbage friends. The ACC is truly lucky to have Marlene as one of our outstanding volunteers.

Jeanne Hofbauer, 2009

2008 President's Award

Elmer "Ras" Rasmussen (Napavine, WA)

In promoting cribbage, "Ras" Rasmussen stands among the few. He is instrumental in promoting the ACC throughout the USA, especially at the Western Washington State Fair, resulting in over 1,400 new readers. He is the director of the Washington Championships and is king of donated perks to the players. His skill on the boards is top notch as well, having earned Two-Star ranking (15,000 MRPs) enroute to winning 24 sanctioned events.

Al Lindner, 2008

2007 President's Award

DeLynn Colvert (Missoula, MT)

DeLynn received the President's Award for serving the American Cribbage Congress as President (four years), Cribbage World Editor (17 years), and as a member of the Board of Directors (21 years).

Al Lindner, 2007

2006 President's Award

Tom Lewis (Albuquerque, NM)

Tom Lewis saw a need for Grass Roots information to be incorporated into the monthly Cribbage World publication. He did not sit around and complain, he volunteered to do just that. In December 2002, he began a monthly column in Cribbage World and he has faithfully produced a Grass Roots Column monthly ever since. His punctuality in producing this column is outstanding. In addition Lewis promotes cribbage bigtime, and has the New Mexico Grass Roots club humming. He is a member of the ACC's Board of Directors and is a major contributor in the operation of the American Cribbage Congress.

DeLynn Colvert, 2006

2005 President's Award

Diane Waite (St. Paul, MN)

This is the website address maintained by Diane Waite. She volunteered to maintain this website in 2003 and her innovations and improvements to this website have been outstanding. The American Cribbage Congress uses this website as the primary medium for reaching out to America's cribbage players and apprising them of the benefits of joining the ACC. In addition, the 7,000+ members routinely check this website for their Master Rating Points, flyers of upcoming events, and a potpourri of other information. The American Cribbage Congress doffs its hat to Diane for a job well done!

DeLynn Colvert, 2005

2003 President's Award

Syl Lulinski (La Grange Park, IL)

Syl has a long history of dedicated service to the American Cribbage Congress. For the past several years he has served as Executive Vice-President and has performed his duties tirelessly and efficiently without compensation. He has kept the Congress on track and working within the framework of its Constitution, guiding the twice-annual Board of Directors meetings with expert efficiency. Additional committee assignments are always performed by Syl with top-notch results. The American Cribbage Congress is, indeed, blessed to have his services.

DeLynn Colvert, 2003

2002 President's Award

Larry Hassett (Roseburg, OR)

For many years, Larry has performed his duties as Membership Secretary with outstanding efficiency. But during this past cribbage year he has exceeded these duties above and beyond the call of duty. Burning the midnight oil, he has worked diligently to overhaul our computer programs that report our Master Rating Points, including the updating of information pre-1997. His system analysis work and programming has a conservative value of $18,000 if contracted in the free market. Larry is a workaholic and loves the game of cribbage, as evidenced by his volunteered work on these programs.

DeLynn Colvert, 2002

2000 President's Award

Rober Wilson (Denver, CO)

In recognition for dedicated service to the American Cribbage Congress. As treasurer and auditor, your advocating for sound financial practices has strengthened the caliber of the ACC.

Catherine Perkins, 2000

1999 President's Award

Fred McGibney (South Burlington, VT)

For 12 years of dedicated service as Treasurer of the American Cribbage Congress. He created a budget system to control ACC expenditures, gave the Board of Directors sound financial advice and through an annual audit uncovered a major monetary loss that was draining ACC assets. This plaque will make a splendid addition to Fred's famed Trophy Wall.

Ev Bey, 1999

Roy and Jeanne Hofbauer (Washougal, WA)

This dual honor recognizes that when an assignment is given to one of the Hofbauers, it becomes a shared task. Roy, as Western Regional Tournament Commissioner, has his wife assisting in the 50 or 60 Western sanctioned tournaments held each year. Together, they serve as co-directors of several ACC sanctioned tournaments, including the humongous Joseph Petrus Wergin ACC Open. It's a family affair when the Hofbauers are involved...and we're glad of it!

Ev Bey, 1999