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(Updated 9/30/2018)
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Volunteer Awards

The ACC is thankful for all the volunteers who help keep the organization running. The following are those that have received the ACC Volunteer Award.

2018 Volunteer Awards

Recipient Region
Don Urban (Marengo, IL)

Don has been a long-time player and tournament director in the Central Region. Don has directed numerous tournaments in Kenosha and Black River Falls, Wisconsin and Rockford, Illinois, although he has stepped back from directing for now due to health restrictions. Don has achieved the level of Grand Master and has won 11 sanctioned tournaments. The ACC thanks Don for his years of service to the ACC!

Sally Henderson (Grand Rapids, MI)

Sally has been a player and long-time volunteer in the Central Region. Sally has recently taken over the task of ACC Judges Testing Examiner. Sally is in charge of certifying all of the judges that apply for that position. Sally attends many Midwest tournaments as well as several Grand National events and the JPW/ACC Open in Reno. Thank you Sally for your contributions to the ACC

Don "Grumpy" and Sandy Howard (Orangevale, CA)

The Western Region would like to recognize Dona (aka Grumpy) and his beautiful wife Sandy for thier hard work and dedication to the Youth Program and the ACC. Grumpy has been volunteering at the Sierra Youth Cribbage Tournament over the past decade and has directed seven Memorial Youth Cribbage Tournaments.

Over the past several years, Grumpy and Sandy have solicited donations to support youth cribbage tournaments and have raised thousands of dollars for the Youth Program. Sandy has always had a signature way of setting up the prize tables during the Youth Tournaments that show off the great prizes the players can win. Her personal touch is something to be envied by everyone that has the opportunity to see the layout.

Grumpy has been instrumental in the development and implementation of the Youth Master Point System and has kept the ACC Board of Directors advised of all things relating to the Youth Program. Grumpy and Sandy started the first ever Youth Grand National in Lincoln City, OR in 2017. Grumpy has served as the Director of the Grand National Youth Tournaments in 2017 and 2018, with the third scheduled for June 2019 in Reno, NV. He's done all of this with Sandy by his side every step of the way setting up tables, getting snacks and lunch ready for the payers, and supporting the youth along the way.

At every Youth event they attend, Grumpy does all the paperwork neccesary to sign up every youth player as a member of the ACC. In an effort to promote your cribbage tournaments beyond the West Coast, Grumpy has generously offered to travel anywhere in the country to help direct a sanctioned your tournament (at his own expense).

We all know that next to every good man there is a great woman. The ACC would like to honor the amazing team of Sandy and Don "Grumpy" Howard for their outstanding contribution to the Youth Program, the future of the ACC.

Jennifer Johnson (Morrisville, NC)

Jennifer is a newer member of the ACC but has made a huge impact already. This season she volunteered to help document the ACC's Grass Roots system, and has already created excellent guides to help players, directors, and statisticians navigate and understand the system. She recently became co-director of the Raleigh March Madness tournament with Larry Phifer.

It is for the above reasons and more that Jennifer has earned this year's ACC Volunteer Award. The ACC thanks Jennifer for helping the ACC and knows she will continue helping us grow with her knowledge and spirit of giving.

Charlene Cohen (Saint Cloud, FL)

Charlene has been a member of the ACC for six years. Charlene has already run many tournaments in Florida, and she just recently attained her Master award. Charlene has directed four or five tournaments yearly for the last five years and create the Ray Wanke Tribute in Kissimmee, Florida to honor one of her mentors and friends.

Charlene has always helped in any capacity at any tournament throughout the country either by cross-checking, problem solving, or in any way needed. Charlene has been an important factor in helping Florida's continued growth in cribbage. Charlene has also served as a judge for a few years. For the ACC to continue and continually add new members it is critical to have members like Charlene who support the growth of the congress.

It is for the above reasons and many more not listed that Charlene has been chosen as one of his year's ACC Volunteer Award winners. The ACC thanks Charlene for the years of helping the ACC in any capacity needed and knows that in the future she will continue helping us grow with her knowledge and character of giving.