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eCribbage Assistance

Here is information about how eCribbage functions. Once you get there, at the very top of each lounge, you will find the letters “ACC” in bold and black. There are many links there to help you, so please read through all of them, especially the ones on how to play in an ACC tournament.

The detailed, step by-step content there will help you learn what to do for both ACC tournament formats: Best of 3 bracketed style, and Grass Roots 9 game style. However, for the Best of 3 bracketed format, you need to choose "Cribbage Cup Rules" on the drop down menu, then choose the "click here" link for the update. Please note that the eCribbage software mandates that you play 10 rated games before being allowed to check into a tournament. TD’s have no control over this requirement. You can play games in any social lounge, or in the computer lounge versus a robot. Set to “rated” game when you set up a new game.

How to get registered and open eCribbage:

* You must have Java installed for eCribbage to work on a PC. (See separate link for info on how to get on using a MAC--can’t use an Ipad or phone). However, once you have Java, do NOT do Java updates or it will become a problem. Please note that because of different Java versions and updates, some of these steps may be in a slightly different order.

* Go to Find: “Don’t have an account? Create one now” and follow the directions. Be sure to scroll to the very bottom of the “Terms of Service” and click that you agree.

You may get a message to go to your email for validation. If not, you might be fine without it.

* Go to “Click Here to Login”. Find the green “LAUNCH” button at the upper right. (If you see nothing changed at the bottom or your screen, then RIGHT click on the green launch button, and choose "open link in new incognito window" from the drop down menu.) There is also a link that says: “Trouble launching? Email”. Owner Damien Blond can help you.

*The launch will show up in the bottom left corner--click on KEEP. Ignore the “legal” message that it may harm your computer. Hundreds of players have been fine for 12 years, including me. This is a standard message from any gaming site because the computer doesn’t recognize personally made websites like eCribbage.

*Next click the box that says “Smart Launcher”. When you get the “opening” message, hang on until you see a white box in the middle of your screen. You will also see a brown Java icon flashing on your taskbar. (You can click that if you don’t see the white box.)

*At the bottom left of that white box, click the words “Click here to launch E CRIB!!! (1)” Twirling happens, and the Bulletin message box appears, plus another box behind it. Click the X in the upper right hand corner of the white bulletin box only. You should now see two Java icons on your taskbar, and leave them be.

*Choose a “lounge”--different rooms for different reasons. Social lounges are called Castle and Courtyard. You can also play against a computer 24/7 by going to the Computer lounge. This is a good way to get used to how the actual game works to get your feet wet. Then click on the bottom “enter this lounge”.

*You will get a box for your name and password. If not already filled in, please do so, click “CONNECT”. In the upper right hand corner are arrows to help you go between lounges. If you click the X in the very top right corner, you will be exiting the site. (There is no need to logout on the main page)