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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Updated (01/24/2021)

What is ACC Internet Cribbage?

The ACC's Internet Cribbage Program gives members an opportunity to play in online tournaments, earn rating points, and compete for annual and lifetime awards.

ACC Internet Cribbage is organized into an annual season ending each year on July 31. Each season consists of 6 to 9 weekly tournaments with Grass Roots 9 game style (like weekly club) played at, amd Best of 3 bracketed (like weekend tourney playoffs) played at   Players with high enough scores in each tournament earn Internet Rating Points(IRPs), which are tabulated separately from MRPs and Grass Roots rating points. The ten players earning the most IRPs during the season form an official All-Internet team. The player in first place is crowned Internet Champion. Awards are given at the annual awards banquet at Grand National.

Are there cash prizes?

Due to legal considerations, there are no cash prizes for winners of ACC internet tournaments. There are also no entry fees nor side pools. What we do offer is bona fide competition in a sportsmanlike environment, friendly opponents that you may know from live play, and a legitimate rating and awards system administered by the game's preeminent sanctioning organization.

How do I play? Where do I find the tournaments?

Follow these steps:

  1. Join the ACC if you haven't already done so. To compete officially you must be an ACC member in good standing.
  2. Familiarize yourself with the ACC rules for Internet play and tournament guidelines
  3. ACC Internet Tournaments are played at and Both sites are free, with options.
  4. Make a screen name at both sites. They do not have to be the same, but it will be simpler for you to be sure you get the IRP's you earned, because you must play in the EXACT name you register with the ACC for each site. It will be easier on the Tournament Directors and other players if you do not use your ACC number as it gets confusing to find people with almost the same screen name, especially when there are 48-64 players competing in one room.
    ** At eCribbage, create a screen name (see eCribbage hints and spend some time becoming familiar with the software. We suggest you practice with a few friendly matches in the Castle Lounge, and/or play in the Computer Lounge with a robot. The software at this site requires you to play 10 rated games of each format before it will allow you to enter a tournament.
    **At Game Colony create a screen name (see Game Colony hints) and spend some time becoming familiar with the Game Colony software. We suggest you practice with a few friendly matches in the main room. At this site, you may not play in an ACC tournament using a nickname with a $ in front of it.
  5. Once you have set up your screen name on eCribbage and/or Game Colony, register it with the ACC using the simple online registration form. It must be EXACT for case and spacing for IRP's. Registering your screen name will link your screen name for each site to your ACC member information
  6. Consult the tournament schedule for dates and times of official events. Go to the tournament room, and check in to sign up in the designated room. Check in begins 30 minutes before the tournament's start time. All ACC tournaments have a maximum number of players that are allowed by the host site's software and format, so you may be denied entry if the tournament is full. (At Game Colony, you must be in the playing room 5 minutes before start time, or will be removed.) Be sure you have enough time to complete the tournament--usually 1.5 hours, on the average.

What about screen names and anonymity?

The ACC does not guarantee the confidentiality of members' real names. Tournament results and IRP standings will be published on this website and in Cribbage World, and players will be identified by both their real name and their screen name. In addition, this website has a link to identify players at both tournament sites. On the ACC Community Facebook page, the results posting will only list the players' screen name.

Except for real name/screen name info, your ACC membership information will be kept strictly confidential. The ACC does not publish the email address, mailing address or phone number of its members without their permission nor does it make that information available to third parties.

I'm interested in hosting ACC Internet tournaments?

ACC Tournament Directors (TDs) are held to a very high standard. To be a TD at either hosting site, you must first become a player in good standing, over a period of time. In addition, you must have TD experience and be approved by the ACC Internet Commissioner. At eCribbage, this usually involves going through training to first be a "greeter". The next step involves progressive TD training under the direction of the TD Training Manager of eCribbage. When they, the eCribbage Site Director and the ACC Internet Commissioner feel you are capable of being a TD for the ACC tournaments, additional training will be arranged, as well as an ACC evaluation tourney.

At Game Colony, use the "Contact Us" link to express your interest. TDs are granted special privileges that help them moderate the lobby environment. Under the rules, only these individuals are allowed to host events in the tournament rooms. (The ACC Room is not considered an GC Tournament Room.) Game Colony rules prohibit TDs from using their TD identity as an ACC tournament player.

Can you help me with the tournament site software problems?

Since the ACC does not run the cribbage gaming software, but simply uses host sites to conduct ACC tournaments, we generally cannot help you with technical questions about their gaming software. Please note that both sites may "freeze", which usually is solved by logging out and back in. The TD has no control over this happening, but may be forced to remove you from the tournament (disqualify you) if you are gone too long, or too many times.

Gamecolony.comanswers some common Game Colony technical questions on this page, which also includes basic instructions for using their gaming software. If you are still having trouble, try submitting a message through the Contact Us link or by posting a message in the Cribbage Forum. The Forum is frequented by Game Colony technical staff and members. Please see our link Game Colony Hints for more info. answers some common technical questions on this page, which also includes basic instructions on using their gaming software. If you are still having trouble, try submitting a message to This address is also listed on their homepage. Please see our link eCribbage Hints for more info.