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NOTICE:  There will be an internet players "meet and greet" in Reno! Please join us on Thursday at the 3rd Street bar at 3 pm, and tell any internet friends who may miss the notice here,  in CW, or the eCribbage wall. Hope to see you there on 3/3 at 3!

This Month's News!

Dec 2021: Bernard Kitheka is still the leader for now.  Reuben is taking a run at Bernard. say HI to him when you see him on the tournament circuit.  There are 7 within 100 IRPs of Bernard, anything can happen.  Reminder that entry for the International Cribbage Day is open.

Player of the Month
With a total of 198 IRP's in Dec 2021 the Player of the Month is: Paul Gregson (a2zCribbage).


Life eMasters - One Star
No member reached 10,000 IRPs

Life eMasters
No member reached 6,000 IRPs

Grand eMasters
No member reached 4,000 IRPs

No Member reached 2,000 IRPs


Top 10%

Please note that the maximum number of tournies to earn IRP's is 150 per season, but the

program keeps track of how many tournaments each player actually plays, even though

the IRP's stop being added in.

RANK Player GC_Screen_Name eCribbage_Screen_Name Tournaments IRPs
1 Bernard Kitheka QQOY42 Wanzelu 60 560
2 Reuben Sufka butchsuf butchsuf 86 511
3 James H. Morrow 29seeker 29seeker 54 492
4 Paul Gregson a2zCribbage a2zCribbage 55 477
5 Gary Brandt Eaglear39 Eaglear39 77 471
6 Pat Liegl patco1950 patco1950 65 466
7 Jeff Raynes jeffraynes29 jeffraynes29 64 462
8 Peter Legendre legend397 legend397 69 444
9 Sam Sinram IA503 IA503 74 430
10 Nancy Rojas nancribdr nancribdr 76 420
11 Jim Gear Gearar7 Gearar7 66 415
12 John Schafer netview85 netview85 56 402
13 Paula Krupp pk0007 peggy121 56 401
14 Jim Correa EvenSteven Dio 69 397
15 W. Joe Clarke Bigrednebraska Bigrednebraska 70 388
  Please contact John Schafer if you have a dispute about Internet Rating Points.  

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