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This Month's News!

Mar 2024: Jerry Griffin (Meatloaf627) has taken over the lead from Nancy Rojas (nancribdr).  BUT Jerry only has 10 tournaments left before he hits the 150 tournament limit.

Please check your information carefully and let me (John Schafer, know immediately if there are mistakes.

Please note that if 
your ACC membership dues are not paid up, your name will not appear in the monthly standings because you can't earn IRP during the month(s) that your membership is lapsed.  You must pay your dues AND re-register your screen name here to have your IRP's reactivated:  The statistician does not go backwards into previous months that didn't count. Please read more details regarding player re-certification (section 3 a.) here:


Point Leader of the Month
With a total of 180 IRP's in Mar 2024 the Point Leader of the Month is: Jerry Griffin (Meatloaf627).


Life eMaster - One Star
Mike Rosenstock (sirpegger) reached 10,000 IRPs

Life eMaster
Donald Olney (olney47) reached 6,000 IRPs

Grand eMaster
No member reached 4,000 IRPs

Ken Moomey (Ken517/KenIA)
reached 2,000 IRPs

Phillip K. Cammack (bigbutte) reached 2,000 IRPs


Top 10%

This chart is updated around the first of each month, not after each tournament.

Please note that the maximum number of tournies to earn IRP's is 150 per season, but the

program keeps track of how many tournaments each player actually checks in to play, even

though the IRP's stop being added in. 

Rank Player GC_Screen_Name eCribbage_Screen_Name Tournaments IRPs
1 Jerry Griffin Meatloaf627 Meatloaf627 140 1051
2 Gregory Gougian gougie00 gougie00 100 940
3 Nancy Rojas nancribdr nancribdr 122 937
4 Donald Olney olney47 olney47 96 912
5 Terry Higgins terryhi chainlink1 109 892
6 Sue Edwards CO434Sue CO434Sue 104 824
7 Kelly Ann Burgar lilthummper_ lilthummper 140 769
8 Betsy Miller weezieboop weezieboop 112 754
9 Sam Sinram IA503 IA503 103 734
10 Gary Brandt Eaglear39 Eaglear39 114 728
11 Timothy M. Julkowski Tim_Oregon2854 TimOregon2854 100 718
12 Nancy R. Roncetti nunzia nunzia 91 708
13 Daniel Crete dec0194 dec 89 680
14 Brad Henderson ousooner ousooner 90 670
15 Tammy Gibbons MoC360 MistressofCribbage 89 635
16 Bernard Kitheka Wanzelu Wanzelu 98 632
17 Mike Rosenstock sirpegger sirpegger 125 622
18 Pat Liegl patco1950 patco1950 96 618
19 James H. Morrow 29seeker 29seeker 89 602
Please contact John Schafer if you have a dispute about Internet Rating Points.

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