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This Month's News!

Mar 2022: Paul Gregson (a2zCribbage) has taken over as the leader of the pack.  Only James Morrow is within 100 IRPs of Paul.  It is still anybodys game to catch up but some are quickly approaching the 150 game limit.  That doesn't mean to quit playing-- it just means that you have maxed out your IRP's until starting over  with the new season on August 1.

Please note that if 
your ACC membership dues are not paid up, your name will not appear in the monthly standings because you can't earn IRP during the month(s) that your membership is lapsed.  You must pay your dues AND re-register your screen name here to have your IRP's reactivated:  The statistician does not go backwards into previous months that didn't count.


Player of the Month
With a total of 201 IRP's in Mar 2022 the Player of the Month is: Paul Gregson (a2zCribbage). 


Life eMasters - One Star
No member reached 10,000 IRPs

Life eMaster
No member reached 6,000 IRPs

Grand eMasters
No member reached 4,000 IRPs

No member reached 2,000 IRPs


Top 10%

Please note that the maximum number of tournies to earn IRP's is 150 per season, but the

program keeps track of how many tournaments each player actually plays, even though

the IRP's stop being added in.

Rank Player GC_Screen_Name eCribbage_Screen_Name Tournaments IRPs
1 Paul Gregson a2zCribbage a2zCribbage 98 958
2 James H. Morrow 29seeker 29seeker 99 881
3 Roger W. Wilson J55552929 rogerw29 112 833
4 Jeff Raynes jeffraynes29 jeffraynes29 111 756
5 Reuben Sufka butchsuf butchsuf 136 750
6 Aaron Jonasen WenPegzFly WenPegzFly 110 702
7 Jim Correa EvenSteven Dio 109 699
8 Sue Edwards CO434Sue CO434Sue 86 697
9 Sam Sinram IA503 IA503 123 697
10 Pat Liegl patco1950 patco1950 103 690
11 Ed Bloom HeliumMan HeliumMan 140 685
12 Betsy Miller weezieboop weezieboop 159 674
13 Tom Langford yanknshank29 yanknshank29 87 666
14 William MacMillan WY00191L WY00191L 104 656
15 Jim Gear Gearar7 Gearar7 109 640
16 Nancy Rojas nancribdr nancribdr 122 640
17 Nancy R. Roncetti nunzia nunzia 109 633
18 Daniel Crete dec0194 dec 88 631
Please contact John Schafer if you have a dispute about Internet Rating Points.

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