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DeLynn C. Colvert

Missoula, MT
October 10, 1931 - Present

DeLynn Colvert is the author of "Play Winning Cribbage", written after a 20 year analysis of the game. Colvert's unique "Twenty-six Theory" has been road tested in sanctioned play nationwide, resulting in leading the nation in sanctioned tournament wins, and in earning Master Rating Points.

Since joining the American Cribbage Congress in 1981, he has been:

  • All American 21 times
  • National Champion four times
  • Lifetime Master Point leader
  • First ACC member to attain Life Master rating
  • Elected to ACC's Board of Directors twenty years
  • Director, Grand National Tournament
  • Editor and Publisher of Cribbage World, the ACC's trade magazine.

DeLynn was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1989.