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Joan Edblom Rein

Carver, MN
October 13, 1941 - Present

Joan Rein was the first woman elected to the ACC Hall of Fame. Joan has served the American Cribbage Congress in many capacities.

First elected to the Board of Directors in 1986, she was appointed Secretary General at her second meeting in January 1987 She is best known for her efforts as director of the ACC's annual Tournament of Champions in Reno, Nevada - an event she has managed since 1986. She has also coordinated its companion event, the Joseph Petrus Wergin Open. In addition, she has directed or co-directed numerous other tournaments: the Minnesota Valley Open, from 1983 to present, the 1986 Grand National in Minneapolis; and the Capital City Open in St. Paul for four years (1986 - 1990).

Her proudest moment was finally achieved when she won an elusive 2,000th point to earn a Masters rating in 1991. Joan has also been a judge since 1983 and has served as Head Judge at several tournaments. She placed on the All-American Ladies Team in 1983. Joan and her supportive husband, Jim, were runners-up for Mr. and Mrs. Cribbage title in 1986.

Now living in Carver, MN, the Reins were married in 1960 and have one son. Together they owned and operated a service station and an Off Sale-On Sale establishment, where cribbage was an ongoing activity in the latter. When the Reins sold the last of their businesses in 1979, they became Cribbage and ACC devotees.

Joan was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1993.