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Everett E. Bey

Quincy, CA
1918 - 2001

A Charter Life Member and Cribadier General, Ev Bey was elected to the ACC Board of Directors in 1980 and served for twenty years.

Named to the Hall of Fame as founder of the first major tournament, the World Championship held annually at Quincy, California since 1972. Pre-dating the ACC, it was the first sanctioned tournament on the West Coast, spawning dozens of others throughout the Western region.

A lifelong newspaperman, Bey moved to California following World War II service and married the late Faye Schaller. Eventually they wound up in the Sierra Nevada mountains of Northern California, owners of six newspapers in Plumas and Lassen Counties. The Bey family still owns and operates the Feather Publications group, but Ev is retired and wintered in Sun City, Arizona.

Bey was 1984-85 President of California Newspaper Publishers Association, 1986 "Publisher of the Year" of California Press Association, a 7-year Director of National Newspaper Association, a Rotary Fellowship honoree and Chamber of Commerce "Man of the Year".

Ev was elected President of the American Cribbage Congress in 1994. Ev was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1983.