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Wayne Steinmetz

Hartland, Wisconsin
April 12, 1952 - Present

Wayne Steinmetz has been a force in the American Cribbage Congress for almost 30 years. His accomplishments at the cribbage board include winner of 36 sanctioned tournaments, Life Master 4 Star (currently 6th in lifetime points), six-time All-American, a handful of appearances on the All-Star team, and Gold Award in the Milwaukee Grass Roots Club.

Wayne's service to the ACC is also exemplary. He has served four terms on the ACC Board of Directors, participating on the Rules Committee that produced the newest rulebook, as well as serving as Chair of the Rules Committee. He is one of eight Senior Judges in the Central Region, has served as the head judge at numerous tournaments, and regularly serves as a judge at national events. He coordinated the Central Region Long Match for 15 years, directed or co-directed numerous tournaments in Slinger, WI, and assists at other tournaments throughout Wisconsin, tabulating scorecards and running side pools.

Wayne is also highly regarded for his good sportsmanship. His reputation is one of genuine respect for the game, as well as assisting new players to improve their game.

Wayne was inducted into the Cribbage Hall of Fame at the awards banquet at the Grand National 37 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on September 22, 2018.