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Jeff Shimp

Nashville, IN
1939 - Present

Jeff Shimp had never heard of cribbage until he came to Michigan to go to college. But he quickly learned the finer points of play and became addicted to the game, perceiving that the more one knows the more there is to learn.

Jeff was serendipitously among the founding members of the ACC and is the only person to have served continuously on the BOD since the ACC's inception. He cheerfully Volunteers at many tournaments nationwide, having directed the JPW/ACC Open for two years, and has subsequently served as chief judge or chief tabulator in Reno for many years. He has directed an annual tournament in Michigan since 1990 and helped found three Grass Roots clubs. Along with many other notable ACC members, Jeff was part of the effort to compile the first official ACC rule book. He currently serves as head of the ACC judging program.

Jeff achieved Life Master ranking in 1997 and was member of the 1985 All-American tam. He has won eleven tournaments.

Some of Jeff's best friends have been made across the cribbage board, and he believes the cribbage community has significantly enriched his life. He credits David W. Kruse (Jackson, MI) with getting him involved in tournament life.

Jeff's other accomplishments include Eagle Scout rank and the completion of twenty marathons, including two in Boston. His educational experience includes an undergrad degree from Hope College (Holland, MI) and Master's degrees in chemistry and business administration from the University of Michigan.

Jeff was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2001.