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Duane Toll

Sutherlin, Oregon

Duane Toll joined the ACC in 1986 while living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He is the #1 overall rated player and the only person to achieve Life Master (8 Star) status. He is a 9-time National Champion and an All-American 18 times. Duane has won 101 sanctioned tournaments and has earned his Gold Award in Grass Roots play.

For the past 8 years, Duane has co-directed the Longview, Washington tournament and has also served as director of tournaments in Junction City and Sacramento, California.

Duane became a certified judge in 1989 and now serves as a Senior Judge. He has cross-checked scorecards at tournaments for 20 years. He also has mentored other adult players seeking to advance their skill set within the game. With the Roseburg, Oregon youth program, Duane has donated more than 100 boards and has invested his time in teaching youth and encouraging their participation in the game.

Duane Toll by the numbers: (as of 9/1/17)

  1. Ranks 1st all-time in total MRPs (46,418 MRPs)
  2. Ranks 1st all-time in total sanctioned tournament wins (101)
  3. Ranks 1st all-time in main event wins (63)
  4. Ranks 1st all-time in consolation event wins (38)
  5. Ranks 1st all-time in National Championships (9)
  6. Ranks 2nd all-time in All-American awards
  7. Holds the single season record for MRPs (3,121 in 2011-12 season

Duane was inducted into the Cribbage Hall of Fame at the awards banquet at the Grand National 36 in Lincoln City, Oregon on September 9, 2017.