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Francis G. "Jerry" Dickinson

Mount Herob, WI
December 3, 1921 - January 19, 2001

Jerry Dickinson was born and raised in Rapid City, South Dakota. Graduated from high school in 1940. Joined the National Guard 34th Infantry Division. Was called to active federal service in February, 1941. Served with the Division in Ireland, Africa and Italy. Rose from private to Sergeant before receiving battlefield commission in Italy. Played numerous games of foxhole cribbage during lulls in fighting.

Left the service in 1945. After earning a B.S. degree at St. Louis University, returned to military service, and progressed through a series of assignments with increasing responsibility until being retired as a Colonel in 1975. Earned a M.Ed. Degree from Boston University during off-duty time while still on active duty.

For 10 years following military service, continued to be fully employed, primarily in health and public service positions. Jerry was an American Cribbage Congress Board Member and has served as National Commissioner of the Grass Roots Program for 10 years, 1986-1996.

Jerry was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1991.