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Syl Lulinski

LaGrange Park, IL
February 7, 1930 - September 19, 2014

Syl Lulinski married his college sweetheart Phyllis shortly after they both graduated from the University of Illinois College of Pharmacy in 1959. They have one daughter, Darice, who married Alan Grzybowski in 1984. Both Phyllis and Syl's fathers were pharmacists and each owned a pharmacy in Chicago, so it was not surprising that Syl and Phyllis owned a Lulinski Pharmacy in Chicago.

Syl's career included positions as Chief Pharmacist at Holy Cross Hospital in Chicago, and in pharmaceutical sales as National Director of Government and Hospital Sales in Washington, DC and New York, and later as Corporate Vice President of Sales in Chicago.

A member of the American Cribbage Congress since 1982, Syl served on the Board of Directors, was National Tournament Commissioner for five years, and served as Executive Vice President for many years. In addition to his All American, Master's, Life Master, and Life Master One Star awards, he received the President's Award in 1987.

Syl was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1989.