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Elmer George Rasmussen

Napavine, WA
September 1937 - Present

"RAS" was born in Centralia, WA. One of four children who learned cribbage at an early age in rural America. Been married to Mary for fifty years, have a son, daughter, three grandchildren, and a great grandchild. Enlisted in the United States Marine Corps from 1958-1961. Employed as a human development specialist, training and budget officer of the United States Department of Agriculture, USFS, Job Corps 1965 1996.

Cribbage credentials:

  • Life Master Two Stars, 15,560 MRP's, #13 lifetime,
  • 26 tournament wins, #7 lifetime,
  • Four times All-American,
  • Gold Award in grass roots, 4,650 lifetime, 2nd highest,
  • Awarded the ACC President's Award 2008,
  • National Grass roots champion 2009, scored 300 or more points in four seasons.

Other cribbage contributions:

  • Served as Region II Grass Roots Commissioner for five years,
  • Founded Chehalis-Centralia Cribbage Club and directed for 15 years,
  • Taught cribbage classes to hundreds of adults and middle school students,
  • Prepared and transmitted a cribbage newsletter to thousands over a 12 year period,
  • Administrative Coordinator for Western Washington Fair Cribbage exhibit and promotion,
  • Directed Washington State Cribbage Championships for eleven years,
  • Serves on the "panel of experts" on since inception in 2001.

"RAS" was inducted into the Cribbage Hall of Fame at the awards banquet at the Grand National XXIX in Virginia Beach, VA on September 18, 2010.