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Joe Bernard

Antioch, IL
September 6, 1932 - February 16, 2009

Joe was born on September 6, 1932. He was married for over 49 years. The Bernards had two girls and two boys. Joe was an Illinois resident for his entire life, except for a stint in the armed forces in 1952-1954.

He joined the American Cribbage Congress in 1982, and was a force on the boards since day one, winning 24 main events and consolations.

He served the Congress ably on the Board of Directors for many years and was a member of the Ethics Committee. He served as Chairman of the Ethics Committee for four years and also served as a member of the Rules Committee.

He was the sixth person to earn a Two-Star Life Master, awarded All American Team honors six times, and won 24 tournaments.

He was Director of Data Processing for a manufacturing company, and retired after 30 years service. He then processed cribbage data big time!.

Joe was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2002.