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Herschel Mack

Gold Hill, Oregon

Herschel Mack (Gold Hill, OR) - Herschel Mack learned to play cribbage in the rural community of Sams Valley, OR (where he now resides) from a parent of a grade school classmate. His first game of cribbage was played partially using a pinochle deck!

Midway through a university teaching career of 40 years (the last 36 years at Humboldt State University), Herschel learned about the ACC. He immediately joined the organization but did not play many tournaments until near the end of his teaching career. After retiring, Herschel started competing full-time.

At the time of his induction into the ACC Hall of Fame, some facts about Herschel Mack include:
  • Life Master 3 Star, with 20,690 MRPs (ranked #20 all-time)
  • 44 sanctioned tournament wins - 20 mains (including the JPW/ACC Open) and 24 consolations
  • 3 time All-American
  • Grass Roots Gold Award (ranked #16 all-time)
  • Active in 4 Grass Roots clubs, including 10 club championships

Along with his wife Rickie, Herschel started tournaments in Arcata, CA; Woodland, CA; and Medford, OR. Herschel served on the ACC Board of Directors for over 10 years. He was an informal parliamentarian and chaired the Rules Committee for 6 years, culminating in the production of a new edition of the rulebook. In 2016, Herschel received a Volunteer Award, which is presented to 'volunteers who keep the organization running'.

He taught all the members of his family (wife Rickie, son Douglas, and daughter Julie) to play cribbage, and all joined the ACC and have earned MRPs. He has mentored a successful youth player, and now focuses his time on teaching his grandson to play.