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Richard 'Frosty' Frost

Berlin, Wisconsin

Richard 'Frosty' Frost (Berlin, WI) - Frosty has been a member of the Board of Directors for over 10 years, serving on many committees, such as the Rules and the Awards Committees. As a member of the Rules Committee, he was instrumental in bringing qualifying points to all tournament playoff qualifier. On the Awards Committee, Frosty was responsible for getting Life Master recipients the option of a jacket for an award.

Frosty has been a co-director of many tournaments over the years. In 2012, he co-directed Grand National XXXI in Appleton, WI. He took on the role of fundraiser, setting the standard for fundraising by running 50/50 raffles at all tournaments. The $22,500 he fundraised allowed the Grand National to have a payback greater than 100%. He has also helped with Grand Nationals in 2009, 2015, and 2018.

As a player, he has shown his skill of the game:
  • Life Master 2 Star, with 19,190 MRPs (ranked #29 all-time)
  • 27 sanctioned tournament wins - 17 mains and 10 consolations
  • 2015 champion, Tournament of Champions (Reno, NV)
  • 1 time All-American, and multiple times as a Central Region All-Star
  • Grass Roots Gold Award (ranked #139 all-time)
  • Grass Roots club champion multiple times in 3 Grass Roots clubs
  • 2015 Central Regional Volunteer Award