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Roland Hall

Napa, California

Roland Hall was born in Albany, New York in 1948. In 1987, Roland saw an ad in the Napa Register for a cribbage tournament. After a conversation with the director, he Joined the American Cribbage Congress. Roland is currently a 5 star Life Master, With 31,308 Mrps, ranked 3rd all-time. Roland has won 37 mains, and 29 consolations, ranking 5th all time. He has been National Champion in 2015/16 and has been #2 in the country 6 times and All American 13 times, 3rd all time. He has directed and helped at numerous sanctioned weekend tournaments and has been the director of the DeLynn Colvert All Star Tournament since 2017.

In Grass roots, he has been National Champion in 2001/2002, has obtained his silver award and been club champion 5 times. He also was a Grass Roots director, treasurer, and statistician for 6 years.

He has been an elected member of the Board of Directors for over 13 years and a member of the Rules Committee for over 11 years. Roland proposed that the ACC Grass Roots program adopt the Napa Grass Roots club "player friendly" policy which helped the Napa club retain new Grass Roots players. David Aiken supported the idea, and it was published in Crib World as the "Play Nice Pledge", which was adopted by 58 clubs. It has since been adopted as the ACC "Cribbage Club Code of Congeniality".

Roland was a real estate appraiser for from 1976-2000. Now, every summer he and his wife, Becky travel from their home in Napa, California to Pownal, Vermont to stay at his mom's home and they travel all through New England. Roland and Becky have been together since 1989 and married since 2011. Roland has a daughter Jessica, and a son Jason and grandsons Avery, Carson and granddaughter Ashley.