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David Aiken

Coopersville, Michigan
“Life is good. Play cribbage!”

David was inducted in the Cribbage Hall of Fame at Grand National 40 on September 24, 2022. He joined the ACC in 1998, but now most members know David best as the editor of Cribbage World, a vital role for our organization. David is one of the rare people who fulfills all eight of the voting criteria to be considered for the Hall of Fame. David has several attributes that qualify him for this honor, and is outstanding at promoting the game of cribbage, as well as serving the ACC.

David initially played just Grass Roots clubs in Grand Rapids, Michigan, which grew into becoming club director of both a regular and lite club. Since 2007, David has gradually devoted more and more time for the good of the entire ACC organization, especially as a BOD member and ACC officer. David is always willing to help anyone who wants to start a club, learn to run any size tournament, help improve their game, or just talk about cribbage for hours.

David is most in his element as a tournament director. He directs/co-directs several tournaments every year, in every region: Vegas in June (Western); Raleigh in July (Eastern); Deadwood in April and Grand Rapids in November (Central). David loves to meet members by traveling to play cribbage, having played tournaments in twenty-six states, at clubs in sixteen states, and has directed tournaments in nine states over the years. David edited and typeset four versions of the ACC’s rulebook from 2004-2020.

David has two daughters and two granddaughters. He is a professional bookseller and aficionado.