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Bill Medeiros

If you ever saw a flashy, Dom DeLuise look alike in a Kangol hat at a tournament, you saw Billy Medeiros. Bill could light up the room when he walked into a cribbage room. If you didn't know Bill and played him, you walked out of that tournament as his best friend.

Bill was a fixture in the ACC from the 80s until the time of his death in 2015. On any given Sunday, Bill may pop up at a tournament around the United States.

In Bill's Cribbage career, he obtained a Life Master two-star rating, had 24 all time wins, and made the All American team 4 times. He earned his gold in grass roots and was club champion many times over in Massachusetts and North Carolina. Bill also served on the board of directors for 3 terms.

There are many of us here that knew and loved him. He treated us all as family. We are honored that his family could join us in Virgina Beach. We are pleased to have Bill inducted into the American Cribbage Hall of Fame.