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Erik Royland Locke

Wood Village, OR

Erik was born in 1983 in San Diego, California. He began playing cribbage in the 3rd grade. He joined the American Cribbage Congress in 2001, when he turned 18. He had competed in his first ACC tournament at 17, and won his first tournament at age 19.

As of April 2022, Erik has reached Life Master Four Star. He has won 79 sanctioned tournaments, with 65 of them mains. Erik has been named #1 in the country 5 times. He has been named to the All American Team for 13 times. All of this was accomplished before he turned 40. Erik has directed tournaments, worked in the Grass Roots Program. Erik volunteers where ever he goes, from coast to coast.

Erik has been an ambassador of the game, helping others improve on the game, and making friends from coast to coast.

Erik was honored to be inducted into the American Cribbage Hall of Fame on September 24th, 2022 at Grand National XL in Omaha, Nebraska.